• Douglas Bazan
  • Curtis Brandenburg
  • Thelma Burson
  • John Catlett
  • Roxanne Chouinard
  • Roger Dews
  • Robert Frame
  • Stephanie Fudge
  • Ada Gingrich
  • Adam Hershey
  • Douglas Hertel
  • Nancy Holifield
  • Jeremy Hornsby
  • Janet Koss
  • Fred Larrabee
  • Stephen Nino
  • Harriet Oneal
  • Ronald Richman
  • Albert Roberts
  • Vincent Runyan
  • Anthony Shotwell
  • Beulah Sumner
  • Larry Tabor
  • Philip Tedesco
  • Wayne Tracy
  • Eugene Uhl
  • Timothy Wiseman

Judge Info
The judges on are all fictional and not based on any real life judge.
Judge Retirement
Two judges retire each month from the judging pool and are replaced by new judges.
Judge Quirks
Each of the judges on is slightly different in what exactly it is they are looking for in both club and frame sheep.